Peacebuilding in Malay Identity Stereotype and Social Distance of the Younger Generation in Pattani

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Thanankorn Hiranpaisitkul
Srisompob Jitpiromsri
Maroning Saleaimg


          This study was an attempt to 1) seek for methods to promote peacebuilding in the midst of local and ethnic identity conflicts and 2) investigate the relationship between Malay identity stereotype and social distance of the new generations considering the differences of socialization, genders, and religions. Participants were 320 students at University in Pattani Province. Data were collected using an ethnic stereotype evaluation form with α = 0.820 and a Bogardus Social Distance questionnaire of which α = 0.927. Means and Pearson Correlation Coefficient were applied for data analysis. Results showed that 1) Malay identity stereotype of the students under the private Islamic school socialization was high and the social distance appeared to broader than that in the public school students, 2) Islamic Malay identity stereotype was higher and the social distance was broader than the Buddhists, 3) Malay identity stereotype of female participants was high and the social distance was broader than that found among males, while 4) Malay identity stereotype and social distance were statistically correlated at a significant level in all of the 4 cases. These reveal concrete evidence of ethnic identity conflict in the area caused by diverse socialization, religions, and genders.
          To promote peace in the area, it is recommended that the atmosphere of multiculturalism be promoted to reduce negative attitudes towards cultural assimilation from Thai monoculturalism suppressed by the government and the society. Likewise, Malay identity stereotype should also be reduced to the neutral level through Islamic socialization.

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