Illiberal Peace with the Transformation of Strategic Budgetary Structure and Integrated Budgeting Program for Rectification of Problems in the Deep South of Thailand during 2017 and 2022

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Fareeda Panjor
Srisompob Jitpiromsri


          A significant concept of “illiberal peace” is used to analyze the way Thai state has applied the political economy of authoritarian mode of conflict management in the efforts to ‘rectify’ problems concerning conflict and peace in the Southern border provinces and, consequently, its tremendous impacts on financial and budgetary management after the coup of 2014. All budgetary programs concerning the Deep South have concentrated on security and infrastructure investment projects. Budgets on education, welfare, and economic reforms are less emphasized. In the Deep South of Thailand, a regime of illiberal conflict management tends to immensely increase expenditures to solve the problems of conflict as a consequence of transformation of power structure to cope with overall problems.

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