The Arts and Culture Journal of the Lower Moon River is objected for published works on research with cultural arts and environments for conserve, promote, inherit and cultivate conscience for students, teachers, lecturers and community realized the values of the culture as well as natural environment and local arts.

Published: 2021-11-18

The Policy Development Model of Religions Art and Culture for Networking in the Country of Mekong Region with the Participation of the Office of Art and Culture, Rajabhat University in the Northeastern

สุดใจ สะอาดยิ่ง, พิศเพลิน พรหมเกษ, ดารุณ พรรณดวงเนตร


The Development of One Stop Service for One Tambon One Products (OTOP) in Surin Province by Official of Art and Culture and University Business Incubator of Chom Surin

ฉลอง สุขทอง, ปรีดา ปัทมาวิไล, สุรีย์ฉาย สุคันธรัต, จรัญญา ไชยเสริฐ