The Arts and Culture Journal of the Lower Moon River is objected for published works on research with cultural arts and environments for conserve, promote, inherit and cultivate conscience for students, teachers, lecturers and community realized the values of the culture as well as natural environment and local arts.

Published: 2021-11-18

The Development of Computer Assisted Instruction on Thai Orchestra in Arts Learning Area for Mathayom Suksa I Student

อุไร แสงนวล, อนุศักดิ์ เกตุสิริ


Piano Playing Teachnics and Teaching of Jodana Bounxouei

ทศพร สุปัญญา, ปิยพันธ์ แสนทวีสุข, Adolovni Acosta


The Rituals Boonraperb Of Bru Ethnic Groups

ปุญชรัศมิ์ แผ้วพูลสวัสดิ์


From Kuntruem Traditional Songs to the Contemporary Music

อมรรัตน์ พิเลิศ